High technology for high performance

Vacunanex® has such excellent insulating capacity, that it has no competitors and can provide unique guarantees in the thermo-insulation sector. Used for applications from -70°C a 80°C.
Vacunanex® uses Nanex® technology based on micropore silicon nanotechnology; the microporous spherical particles have nanometre-scale contact points, thus reducing thermal conductivity pathways through a solid matrix to the absolute minimum. Micropores also reduce convective heat transfer to a minimum. Special opacifiers are used to further reduce the radiation process.
Vacunanex® is under vacuum, which totally prevents any convective heat transfer; this provides much greater efficiency than traditional insulating materials.
For example, for the same insulating capacity, Vacunanex® is up to 10 times thinner.
With Vacunanex®, jobs which had once been unthinkable can now be performed – for example, thermal transmittance U of 0,26W/m²K with a thickness of 15 mm is now possible.

Efficientamento energetico con Vacunanex®
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